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MacBook Air review: Out with the old and in with the new, for better or worse

The new MacBook Air is essentially the 12-inch MacBook, made larger.

This week in games: The mini "PC Classic" starts crowdfunding, Command & Conquer remasters

The best part about PC gaming is that so much of it is “backwards compatible,” to borrow the console term. Sit down at a modern PC and you can play 40-odd years of games, everything from Zork to Battlefield V. Where consoles need to trot out a miniature version of the hardware to capitalize on nostalgia, we can run the classics on any old machine.

...Wait, someone’s making a miniature “PC Classic”? Really? And it’s that ugly yellow-beige color from the ‘80s?

That news, plus Telltale starts liquidating, more Command & Conquer remaster details, Crackdown 3 gets one last release date, and more. This is gaming news for November 12 to 16.

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Get This Microsoft Excel Diploma Masterclass At Black Friday Pricing Today ($19)

If you step into an office or school, you’ll likely find Microsoft Excel installed on each computer. While it appears to be a simple spreadsheet program, Excel provides unparalleled bookkeeping and data analysis features; and mastering it can make you a major asset in any workspace. If you’re interested in harnessing Excel’s full potential, you can get started with this $19 Masterclass.

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