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Obsidian's Outer Worlds and Remedy's Control lead a new wave of Epic Games Store exclusives

If you thought Epic was done snatching up exclusives for the Epic Games Store, you were very mistaken. The policy’s proven contentious, to say the least, with both Metro Exodus and The Division 2 pilloried by a vocal contingent of “No Steam, No Buy” consumers.

But that’s not stopping Tim Sweeney and co. This morning at its Game Developers Conference keynote, Epic confirmed fourteen additional exclusives. And before we get to counting them, let’s just pause and think about how much money that entails, and how much money Fortnite is making. It’s unfathomable.

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The WD My Passport 4TB now costs just $100 on Amazon, a 29% price drop

Hands-on: The $399 Oculus Rift S kicks off the next gen of PC-based VR by appealing to the masses

Oculus isn’t giving up on PC-based virtual reality yet. It’s been three years since the original Oculus Rift launched, and you’d be forgiven for thinking Oculus’s attention was elsewhere. All we’ve heard about the past year and a half was its standalone headset, the upcoming Oculus Quest, due to release this spring.

But as it turns out, Oculus has two headsets releasing this spring. Announced this morning at GDC, the Oculus Rift S is the Quest’s PC equivalent and the Rift’s proper successor, a slightly higher-end headset at a relatively affordable price.

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